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 Ju'en; Apprentice Healer, Weyrling of Blue Meepoth
 Posted: May 25 2017, 04:57 PM


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Ju'en, previously Jurien
Demi-Boy, He/Him Pronouns; DFAB
16 turns - Born Autumn 3rd turn, 11th pass
Asexual, save for potential flightsex.
Originally of Fort Healer Hall, Now at Dalibor
Apprentice Healer
Weyrling of Blue Meepoth

Strong and resilient, Jurien tends to be the very image of a grumpy healer when working. He takes everything he does as serious as possible, despite only being an apprentice. He has set his sights high, wishing to reach his master's knots as soon as he is able. This does not mean he is harsh, though. Although he can be rather sharp tongued at times, flinging barbs that might sting and even leave a lasting hurt, he is not without his own mirth.

His moods tend to switch quickly. Going from smiling ear to ear one moment, then to a more severe, unmovable mood in mere seconds. He's also very guarded. Rarely does he smile that wide. Most people only get a soft smile, but his mentor and friends might break through his shield. It would not be amiss to call him an ice prince, as he tends to be icy in many situations. But much like ice, he has a certain beauty and grace to his movements.

Oddly, he seems to detest Harpers, citing them as frivolous at the best of times, and obnoxious at the worst. He can't help it. Harpers tend to be fairly forward and open with their emotions. Which is the opposite of Jurien. Part of him envies how easy going they are, and how they create such a rapport with others. He's jealous that they are so extroverted, when even minimal human interaction seems to tire him. If he is not working, Jurien will rarely be found in a group. He prefers one on one interaction, and even that needs to be sparing if one doesn't wish to see him get terse.

One would think that with such a personality, he would have no addictions. But sadly even the hardest worker has their follies. For Jurien, it's gambling. He can't help it. The rest of his life is so straight-laced, that he lets himself escape in the roll of the dice, or a hand of cards. Though it has yet to negatively affect his life, he is always at risk of losing everything. Though his poker face may be strong, one slip up and it could cost him all his allowed marks. For this is the one thing that he takes risks in. He won't take risks with patients, but with himself? Well, that's another story. He has no issues betting big when it comes down to it.

His demeanor and usually stony disposition often lead others to think he isn't very caring. When the opposite is true. He became a healer because ever since his mother passed, all he wanted to do was help others. Jurien is also very empathetic, though he does his best not to let it show or sway him. He has a tendency to try and stay neutral for the sake of others, but one who can read him, or someone willing to look closely could see how he tries to fix problems and lift spirits.

For, you see, Jurien is a worrier. He's not as stalwart and stony as he puts on. Beneath his hard exterior is a boy who worries too much about everything. He cares too much about everyone he helps, to the point where he mother hen's people, despite his gruff demeanor. Often he calls upon Wort to check up on people, because he doesn't want to see too overbearing.

Ever since he was a child, Jurien has always had a 'severe' look about him. He has dark hair, and heavy dark brows that angle over gray eyes. He keeps his hair shorn close to his head, as if to keep people from mistaking him for female. For that was how he was raised. It was only after he left for Healer Hall that he started to insist on being called male.

His skin is pale in color, likely due to how he spends much of his time indoors, where the light can't reach him. Despite this, he advocates his patients go out and get sunshine and fresh air when able. He obviously doesn't take his own advice. His hands are covered in small scars, and he has permanent dark circles under his eyes. Proof of how little he cares for himself.

Jurien is short, reaching about 5'4" in height, and is somewhat slight in built. But he build hides his strength, as he's able to lift someone larger than him and hold them for a short while. Jurien tends toward dark colors for his clothing, things that don't show blood or stains easily. He binds his chest down using a thick canvas undershirt, laced so he can pull it tight.

Left eye has poor eyesight.

Reinhardt - Father - +34
<s>Julinne - Mother - Deceased</s>
Erynne - Step-Mother - +31
Rhynn - Step-Sister - -1
Hardyn - Half-Brother -5

user posted image
Sleek and slight, Wort is Jurien's second pair of eyes. A well earned gift to himself, the burgundy takes his duties as seriously as his bonded does. He's nosy and secretive, and loves to steal things to hoard them, much like a dragon of lore. He can be snappy when people don't respond to Jurien well, but for the most part he's even tempered. If not hanging around the infirmary with Jurien, Wort can often be found checking in on a patient, or watching children in the creche. Children are the only ones safe from his ill-temper, as Wort has a soft spot for them. Wort's coloring is not uniform in the least. He looks much like someone dipped him in redwort over and over again, but only covered some of his body, leaving him looking stained.

user posted image
Sound: Nop!

Personality: (Assured, Certain, Brave)
No less proud than any other Black, this pillie at least has the luxury of backing up his claims to greatness. He is smart, involved, and hardy enough to get with the going and get things done. You'll never catch him down and out, no matter what he goes through, and he'll be the first on duty when someone needs a pillie for...well, whatever you'd need a pillie for, just make sure it doesn't go to his head, he can be pretty prideful.

Appearance: Dark, like rich loamy soil, this Black would blend in with shadow if not for the glossy sheen on his carapace. He shines in the sunlight, and sticks out like a sore thumb at night if there is a light source of any kind around. Not that he has any reason to go creeping around...or so you hope.

Adult Length: 2'6" x 1'11"

His birth would always weigh heavily upon him. For while he survived, his mother did not. She had been sick for months predating his birth, and it had been a major worry that neither would survive. She ate little, and slept erratically. Most nights she would just wander in the cool night air when she could. Jurien had put too much stress on her. It was a miracle that he survived being born early as he was a small, sickly thing. As a baby he spent much time in the infirmary, cared for by a wet nurse and healers who hovered over him like wherries.

There was good reason to, also. After all, barely a season after his birth, the White Wherry plague raged. It took many close to them, including an uncle and aunt of his father’s side. The house was locked down, and Rienhardt barely left Jurien’s side, not wanting to see his child succumb to the plague.

Thankfully, he grew stronger with time, and it turned out that he was fully formed as he should be. Though as he grew it became apparent that his sight in one eye was worse than the sight in the other. He never let that bother him, though he would be tense if anyone approached him on his bad side. He eventually trained himself to listen for the approach of others, and would often position himself so his good side was facing towards people.

His childhood was fairly uneventful. If you asked him, he wouldn't be able to tell you when he started to feel that he was not the girl his father thought he was. It just happened, slowly but surely he discovered that fact. His father was... Not exactly supportive. He didn't understand Jurien, though the boy didn't begrudge him for it.

When he was eight turns old, his father fell in love again. Jurien didn't like it all that much, but he couldn't say Erynne was a bad woman. She was a baker, and she had a daughter around Jurien's age, young Rhynn, who was a turn or two younger than Jurien. The two struck up a friendship, and Jurien became incredibly protective of his younger sister.

Though he was not overly excited by the union, Jurien was glad his father found happiness. It was better than the ghost he had become for most of the boy's life. A turn later, they welcomed his little brother into the world. Jurien was jealous. His fathered called Hardyn a boy, and Jurien couldn't understand why his father couldn't tell he had two sons. Instead of letting his family on to his plight, he practiced bottling up his emotions. He became just as protective of Hardyn as he was Rhynn.

His botting emotions would become more useful as he grew older.

When it Jurien grew old enough to apprentice to a craft, it was no surprise to anyone that he chose Healer Hall. He had always had an fondness towards the healers, ever since they cared for him as an infant, and he would often lurk around the hold's infirmary, watching healers work. He spent much of his time tending to his sibling's scrapes and cuts, maintaining a steady presence in their life until he left.

Healer hall was where he really got to let go and be himself. With people not knowing his circumstances, it was easier to dress as a boy and act like himself. Quickly, what few rumors of Jurien being a girl died down. Instead they spoke of the way he focused on his patients and classes. He spent a lot of his free time in the gardens with the journeymen and masters who focused on cultivation. There was something about the plants that just called to him. He was amazed how medicine was made from different combinations. How one herb could kill a fever, while another numbed the flesh.

There was a lot of attention payed to plagues and how they would pass from livestock to humans, and how they affected others. Though Jurien had been a small child, he remembered the fear his father lived with. Plagues interested him quite a bit, almost as much as the cultivation and creation of medicine. He researched the plague that hit shortly after his own birth and perused the files intently as he was allowed. He wanted to be able to help if something like this ever happened again.

This was how he passed turns. Each day he would wake bright and early. He would have his breakfast before attending classes or attending to those who came to Healer Hall with some form of malady or affliction. He spent much of his time up to his elbows in redwort. Turns came and went as he worked on mastering and perfecting his craft. He didn’t forge many friendships while there, mostly keeping to himself. In fact, the only one he counted on as a friend turned out to be the firelizard he had bought for himself. The burgundy, a new color that had started in one of the weyrs, seemed to work well as a second pair of eyes for the poor boy who might as well only have one.

Eventually, there was talk of him becoming a journeyman. The time was far off, but truthfully, Jurien needed to get experience elsewhere. He needs a field test, someplace where he wasn’t surrounded by other healers constantly. There was a lot of talk about where he would go.Grove Weyr had just started it’s operations, and would be a good place for him to learn. But there were many transferring to the weyr. He could also go to Fort, or perhaps Igen. Really, the list was endless.

It was Dalibor that drew his attention. They had also been affected by the plague. He had read about that for sure, they had wethered it the same as Fort had, and they had survived. And they had helped quite a bit in finding the source of the plague. That cemented it. He wanted to go to Dalibor. But he couldn’t tell them that was his only reason for wanting to go. So he mentioned Dragonhealing. The boy hadn’t decided if he liked the idea of healing Humans or Dragons better… But he did not mind. After all, healing dragons sounded like it might be more of a challange. And Jurien loves a challange.

There he could learn what it was like to tend to many. There were other healers there he could learn from, and well, a Weyr surely needed more healers. Especially dragon healers, seeing as how they tended to have very bloody hatchings. The Weyr seemed prone to disasters, and would need all the help they could get. Extra hands could always help. So Jurien packed his things and was taken on dragonback to his new home, though his stomach was full of anxiety and his hands shook.

user posted image
Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
Newborn, Winter 17th turn, 11th pass
Dragon Color:
Blue - #82a6d0
Dragon Length:
30 Feet - Adult
Dragon Personality:
Meepoth is indomitable, though this is largely thanks to the fact that he seems oblivious to both criticism and ill will both; instead preferring to see the best and most advantageous outcome of every situation. He is a Blue. This will be the biggest truth about him for the entirety of his life. While his fellow clutchsiblings all seem to share one facet in echo of their mother, Meepoth seems to share them all. He is at all times outgoing, social, intelligent, empathetic, and just a little bit aggressive--when called for of course.

Nothing gets to Meepoth, and that means nothing. Sometimes he gets stretched a little thin from all the directions his moods pull him. Is he helping Ju'en gamble today? Or maybe trying to sell his Rider on this new and amazing investment opportunity he overheard in the Bowl. His Rider will have to learn how to keep him focused and out of trouble at first, until the Blue grows up and comes into his own. As an adult, while his wiles may pull him this way or that, he'll have really discovered the empathy and concern he can have for everyone else.

Meepoth will one day make an excellent Searchdragon; he will be a canny judge of character--as he was with his Ju'en. But this won't stop him from trying to make a quick buck here or there--Hey buddy, you want your kid at the Weyr? How about one of those goats? Ju'en should keep his eyes on that problem in the future. Meepoth is always willing to barter for anything, whether it's more food, fewer chores, or something nice he saw that someone else has and he now wants. A little bit materialistic at times, this Blue can be somewhat frugal with his (this means Ju'en's) marks. Now, gambling is fine and all, but isn't it better when you win every time?

Not above a little cheating fun, Meepoth might try to rig anything, and everything, in his favour, but this is never done maliciously. There isn't a mean bone in his whole body, that is unless you're one of those people who simply gets pleasure from causing pain. That means at least one of his siblings, and possibly a few Weyrfolk are already on his short list of bad people. Meepoth will always try to champion someone he sees as a "lost cause" to bring them around to the right way of living. You can have your cake and eat it too, without hurting too many feelings, why can't they see that?

Pure at heart, even if it's a little hidden, Meepoth is loyal to a fault. He knows there is nothing that his Rider cannot do. He will make an excellent dragon to stand beside Ju'en as he becomes every bit a healer that he can be--with all the encouragement his dragon can give him. However, beware the forgiving beast if you test its forgiveness far too many times. Meepoth is not above drawing a line through someone's name, and he will never forget those who have truly wronged him or attempted to harm his Rider. He has, deep within him, a streak of fire that blazes hot in face of pure malevolence.

Dragon Appearance:
Meepoth is solid. He will continue to grow and acquire mass until he almost seems plump, but it will only ever be muscle. He is not a beautiful creature by any standards, the complete opposite of his mother and his clutchmates, but he is solid and strong. There are no angles to be found anywhere on his body, only muscular swells and curves. The majority of his hide is a powder blue, broken only by a mantle of deeper robin's egg blue that lays around his neck. His headknobs and neckridges are thick and jagged, somewhat off-kilter and just a little bit different.

He smiles. Often. Meepoth is as social as they come and you can read that in his body language. He is confident and proud and doesn't care who might see him doing what. He can't sneak around like his smaller brothers, and he certainly has no interest in causing harm like his sister, so he stands as an obvious symbol of things being just right.

His neckridges only go to mid-back before they disappear into nothing, leaving the rest of his dorsal ridge bare. His tail is shorter than is typical, and the forks of his tail are thick and fat. Sometimes he'll slap them against things to make a lovely sound; and he won't hesitate to defend himself with them if surprised on the ground. Overall he is an exemplary addition to Pern's Blues.

Dragon History:
A detailed history of the events that have happened specifically to the dragon (length depends on age.)

Adoption Preference: Death

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 Posted: Sep 11 2017, 12:20 AM


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