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Wedding bells ring out to celebrate the joining of Lord Callum to Lady Shuli. A grand gather has been put together with people from all over Pern coming to celebrate! Crescent is full to the brim with those who wish to show their support and those just looking to make (or spend) a few marks!

Copper Zelsk shook things up at the Copper Class graduation feast by beginning her run shortly after the knots were delivered to her handler. Bronze Osk won Zelsk's maiden run and now a sizable clutch lays on the sands hardening. Not to be outdone by the ground-bound copper, Copper Laanasuth took to the skies the very next day - though her flight was not as cut and dry as the wher's run had been. Offended by the force catch attempt of a presumptuous burgundy Laanasuth betweened to High Reaches Weyr where one of their dragons won her flight. Though she has returned to Dalibor and laid a large clutch for Dalibor's candidates the Weyr awaits the transfer of the dragon sire and his rider, Dalibor's newest Junior Weyrleader.
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 The Bells Toll, [AU:18 Callum/Shuli/OPEN - Wedding]
 Posted: Apr 18 2018, 09:43 PM


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A wedding was much like a well written orchestra with all of the players needing to hit their mark at the right time and the right note in order to ensure a beautiful sound. Already resources were tapped into in order to provide the perfect backdrop to the joining of Lord Callum to Lady Shuli, and yet the wedding date seemed to hang in limbo. It was unprecedented, tradition dictated they be wed as soon as possible once his bride-to-be arrived at Crescent. Shuli had arrived a sevenday after Moon Masque concluded when the weather was still unbearably warm. Now the foliage was beginning to change hues and there was a distinct chill that fell upon the land in the evenings, a small taste of what winter would bring in the following season.

Many may have attributed the wedding’s delay to the Lord Holder and the wherhandler that had frequented Crescent since his late wife’s passing. Yet Callum was surprisingly not to blame, at least not entirely. The passage from Crom to Crescent by sea was a long journey yet it was a necessary one for the Lord Holder’s eldest brother, his wife Lady Dina was with child. Traveling between was the prefered method but out of the question. Thankfully Callum had sent word to his father when he was close to choosing a bride so his brother and his family set out then - the firelizards he exchanged with the captain of the vessel told him they would be arriving the next day and his time as a bachelor was all but used up.

It was his duty to be wed and to engage in creating a new heir for his Hold. The Lord Holder had not yet taken the time to sit his eldest son down and explain to him that should Shuli produce a son his claim to Crescent would be dissolved in favor of the baby. Caasum had spent his young life being groomed as the heir and it may have all been for naught. For all the time that had passed Callum felt as though things were being rushed and he wasn’t ready for all of this. Duty did not care if he was ready, or not, and so the day came that his brother and his family arrived from Crom; the wedding would be held when Rukbat was highest the following day.

Sleep eluded him in that night before his wedding day. Riddled with anxiety he worried, for the briefest of moments, that his bride-to-be would leave him at the altar. They had discussed at length the amount of truth behind some of the rumors Shuli had heard since arriving at Crescent. Some of the rumors held no water while others… well they had discussed that. It had not been a pleasant discussion but one that had to happen - he did not intend to begin a life with his new wife with secrets and lies hanging over his head. It was a political pairing, but so had the match that was planned between himself and his late wife. In time Paasha had woven her way into his heart; perhaps with enough time Shuli might too. Things were complicated given the relationship he’d humored over the past turn but that was over - loate as he was to admit it he knew that his Hold came first. It was a foolish endeavor to follow his heart in the first place; he was lucky that the council had not decided to replace him.

Eventually rest came as extreme fatigue, and a hefty portion of rum, pulled him into sleep’s embrace; morning found him in his bed with an empty bottle of rum laying beside him. Already preparations for the day had begun - the handmaidens charged with preparing Shuli had been busy with her for at least a candlemark before those who would help their Lord Holder came around. Roused from a restless sleep he stared blankly at the canopy above him before sitting up and slipping from the comfort his bed provided. Women fussed over the dark circles beneath his eyes and painted him up with tinted powders to look fresh faced and ready to face such an important day. Finery befitting a man of his station had been pressed and hung the night before and now he donned each item as he prepared for the long day ahead. There would be a ceremony followed by a gather, a grand celebration for the joining of Crescent’s Lord Holder to his new Lady.

A sharp looking ensemble was put on piece by piece. Gray wool slacks were paired with a matching jacket, worn open so the dark teal vest beneath was visible. Beneath the vest was a crisp white shirt to really make the color pop. Every button of his jacket and vest were silver and they played well off the silver cufflinks shaped like gears that he wore. They were a personal touch, something he had been given by Paasha on their first anniversary. It may not have been the most fitting thing to add to an outfit he would wear to wed someone new but he wore them all the same. Black brogue shoes with their intricate detail work had been polished and shined to look splendid and finished off the look. Once his hair was fussed over and styled appropriately his spectacles were cleaned and adjusted - he was ready, as was the rest of Crescent.

Two candlemarks after being awoken he stood at the end of the aisle that had been placed through the center of the courtyard. Caasum joined him at the end of the aisle as his eldest son while the younger children sat front and center with caregivers. Each of the children looked splendid in their finery, Penna’s hair had been braided and filled with the same flowers that would adorn her adopted mother’s hair. Around them decorative silks dyed in Crescents colors - deep teal and gray adorned every stone pillar, nook, and cranny. Wagons and stands filled the far side of the massive courtyard as merchants prepared for the celebration to follow. The joining of a Lord and Lady was easy to capitalize on, what with all of the wealthy families that would come for the ceremony. The air was heavy with the scent of the bountiful feast the guests had to look forward to. Even the weather was pleasant, not too hot and not too cold. In the evening the temperature would drop but that was a concern for later. From his place at the end of the aisle he looked out over his Hold and then turned his eyes to the crowd. If he were looking for anyone in particular it did not show, his eyes never lingered too long in one place and seemed to be taking in the faces of those who were there to support him and his soon to be wife. On one side of the aisle sat his rather extended family: his father and mother, Lord Lessand and Lady Genna, his brothers, their wives, and their children. Even his young sister had come to see his second wedding. On the bride’s side of the aisle sat her family, all but her father who had joined her elsewhere - it was his duty to give her away. Callum’s face wore the somewhat impassive mask of a man well groomed for his station, lips pulling upward in a small smile that to many would give him the appearance of a man nervous to get a first glance at his bride-to-be.

The harpers struck their chords on cue and all of those gathered turned their heads to follow Callum’s gaze down the aisle, each of them standing as they waited along with him for his beautiful bride-to-be to begin her walk towards her future husband.

@Aftershock @Leo
Fluid time ~ this is set before the Copper Class graduation and the run/flight of Dalibor's queens. Everyone is welcome to attend the wedding, a gather thread will be posted as well!

 Posted: Apr 18 2018, 09:44 PM


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Shuli stood on a dressing stand, arms slightly outstretched, as her handmaidens and dressmaker fussed over her, making sure everything was perfect. She had her eyes closed and her face in a neutral position as other handmaidens applied light powders to her face to eliminate the gleam of oil or sweat, reddish-pink berry juices to her lips to enhance their natural color, and light orange pigments to her eyelids to draw attention to her large, expressive eyes. The makeup was subtle, letting her youthful glow shine through to best represent her status as a young, fresh-faced bride, and while she was worked on, Shuli’s mind tumbled around inside her skull, her calm exterior little representing the chaos inside. She was getting Joined… though she’d had nearly a month to get used to the idea, the finality of it being the day of the wedding bore down on her. On top of that, even with time to process it, the conversation with Callum kept bouncing around and repeating in her mind… the admission of the truth of some of the rumors around the Hold, the extent of his relationship with the Betahandler of Dalibor, including the fact that his heart was already spoken for, before the marriage was even proposed in the first place within the meeting halls of the Lord Holders. She was to get married, and it was purely political, not only between her father and Callum, but between herself and Callum… there was not even to be the potential for love, or anything beyond the normal expected life of a Lady… Shuli was to be married to a man who would never love her, a man whose heart belonged to another, and she would never feel love herself, only duty to bear his children and keep his home. The thought wanted to make her cry, but she was a Lady, and trained as a Lady, and she would keep her emotions in check… at least until she had the opportunity to cry out her feelings on Ebon’s neck once the Gather was over at last.

Finally, her handmaidens were done, and Shuli opened her eyes and was helped to step down carefully from the stand as she turned towards a polished steel mirror nearby. She was truly a stunning sight… her father’s dressmakers and her newly assigned handmaidens certainly knew their craft, and Shuli stood luxuriantly in a scoop-neck dress, cut modestly just above her cleavage, her shoulders bared and long sleeves cuffed neatly at the wrist, except for a small amount of material that stretched over the back of her hand, held in place by loops around her middle and ring fingers. The material was the white of a fresh snowfall, with intricate knotwork embroidered along the collar, across the front, along the bottoms of the sleeves, and flowing down the skirt in neat sections. The knotwork contained silver and deep azure thread to represent Tillek, entwined with the dark teal of Crescent, representing the link that was being re-established by this marriage between the two Holds. Hidden beneath the dress were white slippers with similar knotwork embroidered upon them, and around Shuli’s neck hung a fine silver chain bearing a red teardrop garnet enclosed with a silver horseshoe… Shuli’s one personal touch on the ensemble. As she twirled the dress slightly by shifting her hips, seeing how the material moved, her handmaidens placed the final piece upon her head… a fine silver circlet molded to resemble leaves, with actual flowers with deep azure petals woven into the headpiece.

Looking out the window, she saw Ebon standing there, a similar headpiece being placed upon his massive black head. The stallion was allowing the indignity of grooms and stablehands to drape his back with a saddlecloth of similar design to Shuli’s dress, and to weave strings bearing azure flowers into his tail to drag along the ground behind him. He was already groomed to a shine, his every proud muscle standing out, his hooves polished and gleaming, his mane flowing. Only by being allowed to see Shuli during the entire process through a window did the proud runner allow anyone other than Shuli to groom and put on his tack, and only after the Lady had personally assured him with tubers, brushing, and soft words that it was all right. Even with all that, though, the stallion showed his headstrong nature by continually grabbing at the hair or headwear of the grooms and stablehands with his lips whenever they got near him, and throwing their hats as far away as a flick of his head would allow.

Finally, both Lady and runner were finished, and Shuli left her room and walked out to where Ebon stood, a groom placing a set of stairs down to allow Shuli to mount Ebon sidesaddle without risking damage to her dress. Holding herself stable with the saddlehorn in one hand, she used the other to tap the black stallion’s neck, indicating him to walk forward as gentle pressure from her hand guided him without the need for reins, since there were no need for quick adjustments in direction. They continued forward until they met the retinue of her father, Lord Pescataal, who stepped up beside Ebon and looked up at his daughter. ”This is quite ridiculous, I hope you realize, daughter. Even if I understand that your runner might find his way to the altar to reach you anyway if he got it into his head, and that you’re more comfortable with him around, I still feel I should be walking YOU down the aisle, not your runner,” he said, his voice deep and gravelly. The man was thick-bodied, though more with fat than muscle in his advanced age, tall and imposing, with a grim expression on his round face. His mouth was surrounded by a greying goatee, carefully groomed, and his long salt-and-pepper hair was carefully combed and tied back with a gold clasp bearing the Tillek heraldry. He wore dark grey slacks, brightly polished black wherryhide boots, and a bright white tunic with a dark azure jacket over it, the buttons each also bearing the heraldry of Tillek enameled upon them. His thick fingers bore a single gold ring bearing his signet upon it, and his dark grey eyes took in his youngest daughter, nodding in approval and adding, ”It’s time… are you ready, Shuli?

”Yes, father,” Shuli replied, her confident voice masking her nervousness. To anyone observing her, Shuli cut the figure of the perfect Lady, poised and proper, exuding confidence and nobility in her slightest movement, her face bearing a slight smile to affect an air of approachability and friendliness. Ebon, with Shuli riding expertly atop him, walked alongside her father at her command, and the trio strolled down to the center aisle, eyes alighting upon the soon-to-be-Lady Holder and eliciting gasps of awe or nods of appreciation. Many whispered about how nice it would be to have an air of respectability back in the Hold with a proper Lady on Callum’s arm, though not loud enough to be heard by Shuli or her father. At her appearance at the end of the center aisle, the Harpers shifted their song to a more solemn tune, expressing the seriousness of the event, and a young girl, the niece of a cousin of Tillek’s bloodline, walked before Shuli and her father, spreading white and dark teal flower petals out of a basket. At the head of the aisle stood Callum, resplendent in his finery, with Caasum standing behind him alongside the groomsmen, Penna and Pascal being watched over by a nursemaid in the front seats. Locking eyes momentarily with her soon-to-be husband, Shuli gave Callum a bright smile, then began to ride down the aisle towards him, keeping Ebon at a slow walk beside her father, her gaze passing over the families on each side, as well as the holders who had come early enough to reserve standing room in the front rows of the crowd.


Max had heard that the wedding was finally happening... he didn't keep up much with the politics of Lord Holders or those of similar power, but even he was starting to find it odd how long it was taking since the arrival of Lady Shuli from Tillek. So, as soon as he finished in the mines, he had headed off to catch the ceremony before the Gather... but, unfortunately, he was not early enough to secure the positions in the front of the crowd, and so he could see nothing but backs and behinds. Far too proud to ask someone to let him ride on their shoulders, or attempt to push his way to the front and admit defeat, Max simply accepted his lot in life, hoping he could get a rundown of anything particularly interesting from a taller friend once the Gather had started.

{Open for anyone else attending who can find poor Max}
 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 04:40 AM
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Oh I am quite ready to go now, Baihujinth.
They had decided it would make more sense to arrive together as Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. They would be representing Dalibor, after all, and it would seem odd to the Holders if they arrived separately to the wedding and stood apart from one another.
Hopefully I shall not outshine the bride. Or maybe I will, just by virtue of being fabulous.

Although she had not been raised in a Weyr, turns of living there now meant that this kind of concept was slightly foreign. The whole ceremony one that she had not really seen too many times before. It wasn't that she had forgotten, but the pomp and circumstance was different. It went without say that an invitation had been extended and Rayna had accepted, arriving with Z'dyn. Dressed appropriately in an embroidered green dress, she stood towards the middle of the crowd, obviously avoiding the very front section that was mostly occupied by family. She stood next to the Ironrider representing Dalibor Weyr in this rather political celebration.

This was also something of a sad occasion. Callum's first wife had passed away and by all accounts he had loved the woman. Worse still were the rumours going around about his close relationship with one of their wherhandlers, Oreanda. As much as she wanted to avoid a scandal, she could hardly do too much about rumours... Although she did rather hope that they were just rumours.

She turned as the soon-to-be Lady Holder of Crescent made her way down the aisle in all her splendour, riding a Runner. She was from Tillek after all. Shuli cut a nice figure and despite how she sometimes felt, Rayna did smile at the woman as she rode her way towards Callum.


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 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 05:23 AM
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They will be hard-pressed to ignore you at all, and quite unwise, my Queen.

Baihujinth rumbled, freshly oiled with Z'dyn presented as well-dressed as the Senior Weyrleader could muster. No doubt G'len would be around to steal away Rayna's attention, as likewise X'vir would probably be coming to sneak the Ironrider off with promises of debauchery and klah with sweetrolls, but he was doing his best to present the united front he was so adamant about them portraying.

Besides, anyone who knew anything about Weyr life knew he was primarily homosexual these days, to start with. But Rayna was a very dear, very close friend, and he respected her as well as the Weyr he was loyal to. Attending the wedding as a pair meant Holders were less inclined to think anything at all was off, wrong, or otherwise, and it just plain looked better than showing up apart would, as Rayna had sorted with him already.

Z'dyn felt the sinking feeling of betrayal, truth be told. A forced, lopsided smile that looked much less so than it should have, given how bitter he was that his last ceremony on this scale had ended with an annulment and the loss of rights to his three youngest children. It was the worst of bitter pills to swallow, but he sucked it up and bore it as heavily and as well as he did any other problematic part of his life. His arm was there, Rayna's looped respectfully through it as he safeguarded her in keeping both with his station, and the promise he'd made to a long-departed former Weyrleader and friend.

It was an honor, and one he would never shy away from. To be entrusted with the guardianship of a Weyrwoman and her Queen was something he would always hold in fond memory, and to the utmost scale. Rayna's safety had been entrusted to him by Couineth's choice and Hemetath's request, and both he and Baihujinth would serve until Thread or age culled them from the ranks. As long as he was a Wingleader, as well, it would be the case with any Wing and Riders he commanded.

"I don't put on anythin' this fancy fer just anybody, y'know," Z'dyn smirked, offering her a wink in humor as his free hand rested across the back of hers. He could look the part with the best of them, because he WAS part and parcel of the best of them. Arrogance didn't suit him, it never had, and for all Baihujinth's own ego, the Iron had been tempered by the man he was bonded to. "Y'look amazin', so's Couineth. Gonna be hard t'keep the attention off'a you an' 'er, y'know. Shuli's got 'er work cut out for 'er."

He fell quiet as the mounted Lady Holder to Be proceeded past them, inclining his head in a nod of respect. He was quiet for the remainder of the ceremony, and then murmured to Rayna in a dip down to her ear.

"Though gotta say, first time I seen a bride hit the alter wi' a Runner, not her Pa....rules change'r somethin'?" It confused Z'dyn, but a great deal of social situations involving politics and Holds confused him. He'd been a Drudge, after all, once upon a time. "Either way...y'lemme know when y'want loose'a m'arm."



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