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Autumn, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Copper Laanasuth
Copper Zelsk

With two clutches hardening on the Hatching Sands the big question seemed to be: which will hatch first?

The answer came in short order with Copper Zelsk's clutch breaking shell moments before Copper Laanasuth's. With so many eggs surely the dual hatching offers hope to the numerous Candidates who fill Dalibor's ranks. Only time will show who will come away with a lifemate of their very own...

... and who will forfeit their life in hopes of Impression.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Healing Hearts and Minds, AU:18 {Coppertop Hatching Feast}
 Posted: May 21 2018, 07:07 PM


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Vellinuth tilted his head at the black wher again. He was a funny thing. He liked him and decided they would be friends.

He looked back to Ajaleath as she responded and settled his wings, The common area seemed rather large, Vellinuth observed. Though I really only just walked past it on our way to our room. We needed that nap!

He wasn't particularly thinking right then that one day he would be much larger. He knew it, and they had discussed it earlier, but for the time being he was content in this little hiding space beneath the tables. He felt affection for the wher and for the pink dragonet, and would rather enjoy the moment for now.

"I spent almost my entire childhood in the creche. My parents believed it was better for children," he explained. "Though, even if you were in the creche the entire time, there were a lot of other kids coming and going. I guess we just missed eachother."

If he dug through his memory enough, he'd probably remember the few times Kirryl had been left with the creche while her parents were at work. But then, Kirryl's schedule would have been completely flipped from most of the childrens' if she was with her nightowl parents all the time.

As it was, it wasn't too important. He nodded as Kirryl suggested that Kisk would be pleased to meet his younger brother.

"I'll be sure to mention it to him. Do you think he could come to Kisk's party, too?" he asked, suddenly feeling very bold.

 Posted: May 22 2018, 07:52 AM


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Halenciath stretched her neck and wings upward, giving the latter an experimental flap. Of course she was still unable to fly. Oh, but life was going to be agonizing until her wings could lift her into the sky! Torena had told her that they’d be so busy the time would speed by, but right now it seemed it would only crawl. Still…she wasn’t the only ground-bound dragonet, was she? None of her clutch-siblings could fly. She’d just have to make sure she was the first!

Until then…

We’ll be the strongest dragons in the weyr!

Torena smiled and nodded at Jaq’n’s words. “I know. It’s amazing. I mean, it seemed like the day would never get here, and now it has. I don’t know about sleep, though. I think I’ll be out before I’m down, if that makes any sense.” Years of classes and standing alone at hatchings and then all the extra classes of the past season meant that very little time could be dedicated to dwelling on things, but the hopes and fears had been ever present. Now those were gone, but new hopes and fears would surely take their place. They were in even more danger now, weren’t they? They’d have to be especially careful from here on.

Another girl came over and introduced herself to Jaq’n. That was the girl that had asked about aging out, right? That seemed like so long ago… This conversation didn’t involve her, though, so she stepped back to give the newcomer room. In the meantime, she glanced down at Halenciath, who was gazing curiously around the room.

”You okay, love?”

I am so much better than okay. Halenciath gave her wings another flap before folding them neatly against her body. I feel like there should be more to do here than eat and talk.

”It is a feast,” Torena responded. ”I think most of the activity’s going to start in the morning.”


 Posted: May 24 2018, 01:39 PM


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Vek'ta had wrapped himself around Os'nin as soon as he was able. Chattering about the hatching hadn't stopped either. No doubt the bluerider's ear would fall off soon enough. "Did you see the boy that Impressed in healer's camp? And a bronze! They'll be an interesting pair to watch, certainly! And the Weyrleader's son got a brown!" Pevo was balancing on his shoulder, unconcerned with the greenrider's chatter.

He beamed at Rayna. "No doubt your 'masters will do a wonderful job. Os'nin is obsessed with respect and yet somehow he puts up with me..." He flashed the bluerider a grin and elbowed him gently. "Don't let him worry you, dear. He'll soften up with time." He gave the weyrwoman a quick wink and swiped a roll from a passing tray. "I must say your Dalibor has some lovely weather. Certainly not what I was expecting." He seemed capable of chattering on without end and would probably continue unless someone shut him up.

Vek'ta studied G'len in return, though judging by the raised brow he wasn't all that impressed. Not that he looked terribly impressed with anything. He patted Os'nin's arm affectionately and nibbled his pastry. "I will also admit that I'm jealous of your food. Your cooks know a thing or two. I feel like I've been missing out for turns!"


Unavir's leg was wrapped and he'd been given crutches. He'd argued his way out of the infirmary, wanting to attend the feast and not appear weak in front of his father. Not that it mattered, because X'vir carted the boy over to Ky's spot and set him down gently, claiming a seat nearby but not intruding upon the boys' conversation. Just... Looming as he had the habit of doing.

"Congratulations on your brown," Unavir smiled. He had a fondness for browns, probably because of Oth. He looked worn out but tore into his food with the hunger of a teenage boy that had just been mauled. His leg looked... Awful, even beneath the bandages. His calf was just gone. "I missed his name," he said around a mouthful of meat. "Is he the sort that minds being touched?" Unavir was very aware of the habits of dragons, but Oth had been a jungle gym for X'vir's children grown up and the boy had a hard time not wanting to show dragons the combination of respect and affection he'd grown up knowing.


Inali had quietly been seething. Not that she would let on about it. She had time, she kept repeating to herself. She needn't worry. If she didn't Impress a dragon there were other ways. She'd think of something. Her thoughts were interrupted by Miridan - M'dan now, she supposed and his bronze. Of course he'd gotten a bronze. It was terribly appropriate and Inali couldn't help but smiling at the hatchling.

"A pleasure to meet you, Uputh. In his memories, you say? Good ones, I hope. And entirely appropriate." She gave M'dan a look that wasn't entirely judgmental, mostly teasing which was considerably lighter in humor than she normally was. "Congratulations, M'dan. You must be very proud." Every weyrling was. Or should be. If they weren't they didn't deserve a dragon.

Inali was totally coping well.


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 Posted: Yesterday at 09:05 pm

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For the first time in a while, Em'ry couldn't decipher how A'dran felt. He repeated the reds name, and the young mans blue eyes merely wandered the brownrider's face. The newly-graduated dragonrider's thoughts would have likely upset his friend, though A'dran was free to think whatever he liked (especially of reds in general). The topic would be a touchy one for Em'ry, for some time, given peoples general attitudes towards the sub-queens. For the first time since he had impressed he began to wonder how others might see him, what with his being a male riding a sub-queen. No, he didn't wonder about it for the first time, he was worrying about it for the first time... Was his and A'dran's rivalry finally dead, or had it ever existed? Had he disappointed the other boy in some way? These were things that he shouldn't have cared about, let alone given any real consideration to. It was not his business to satisfy anyone, and Eocuth was his.

Em'ry raised his cup to A'dran in thanks, taking a sip himself. His eyes never left the other boys face, not until he asked his question. Looking to Eocuth, who was happily staring at him, he quickly shook his head. "No reason... it's nothing." It must have been nice to have less rules to follow. He would've appreciated not having a curfew, or a constant babysitter. He was going right from the hands of the candidatemaster's to that of the weyrlingmaster's. It was one prison for another, though the perks of having Eocuth, or at least he thought, outweighed the new cell.

The red-weyrling could now understand the expression one assumed when bespeaking their dragon. He wondered if he'd miss Eocuth not being able to fit into the same spaces as he. Might actually be for the best, he thought to himself, aware that the red was listening. She had been waiting long enough, and yet Em'ry was still ignoring her. So, she butted him with her head rather rudely. His drink jostled in his hand, and so he extended his arm out in front of him so as not to spill the liquid on his suit. "Eocuth," he hissed, turning to glower down at her. There's nothing to tell! Shove off about it. Some day he would tell her, because that was her will. For now she let it be because she was bored of how stuffy Hers was being about the whole affair. Instead, she turned back to the food table. Stalking over to it, she reached up with clawed paws to pull at the tablecloth. All of the food before her began to drag forward.

Em'ry, having been about to say something else, turned to see that his red was up to no good. "Eocuth!" he hissed again, dashing forward to seize her just as a tray of meat rolls came sliding forward. Quickly he caught them, pushing the tray as far back as he could manage in order to keep them from sliding off a second time. You were fed, now stop making me look stupid and come back over here.

So you admit that this other human is important you. Now we're getting somewhere. The young man frowned at the young red, brows furrowing as he directed her back to where A'dran had been left standing. The red, saying nothing of course to the brownrider, instead continued her running commentary with Hers. Why HIM? What's so special about THIS one? There are many. Humans are really no different, one from the other. They're BORING Em'ry. Is HE boring? "Sorry about that," Em'ry muttered, flustered yet again. No, of course not. He's not boring. Was his dragon actually forcing him to consider what it was about A'dran that he liked? Why did she want to know so desperately? Was she searching for a reason not to dislike him? Eocuth was prone to fierce judgment upon, mostly, people. She had no respect for humans, and truly thought them all the same. Em'ry hoped to change her mind, at least about a select few. He had a lot of minds to change, on all sides.


Rylin had taken a break from playing, reaching up to push her long auburn hair out of her face. She was setting down an instrument, and about to turn to grab herself a plate of food when she heard him. In fact, she had turned and there he was. He quickly held something out, and she knew immediately what that something was. Green eyes met the boys, though her expression didn't spell out nerves but rather curiosity. She hadn't thought that he would return them, somehow, and a part of her hadn't wanted him to. It felt like closure (this moment, this act) and she wasn't sure whether she was ready or no. She ought to have been ready, it had been how long since they'd spoken? She had not forgotten his face, or his voice, because she remained a foolish girl with foolish dreams and the willingness to give people a second, and even a third, chance. Her voice, soft and gentle, though there was a note of skepticism to be found there, managed a "I--," before Zaephor blurted out that his dragonet wished to meet her. She blinked a single time, regaining her composure as best she could. She had yet to seize the knots from him, instead turning a forced smile upon Maiwieth. He was a lovely dragonet--beautiful, really. "It's lovely to meet you. I knew you'd find Zaephor before long." Then she paused, and spoke an "oh," once she realized her err. "I guess it's... not that now." She didn't know what his name was, and she waited for him to either offer it or no. It was, truthfully, much easier to face the young purple than his rider.

She kept this encounter from Loriketh, thankful that the cyan was resting peacefully. If the cyan knew that she was engaging with Zaephor again she would never hear the end of it. Loriketh had decided, thanks to B'tor especially, that Zaephor was a bad seed. She worried, mostly for Hers' safety, thanks to the boys prior actions. Rylin, because she had learned that it was best not to avoid things, carefully--tentatively--reached out to take the knots that Zaephor had offered back to her. She looked down at them, running her thumb lightly over the colored thread. "Thank you," she spoke quietly, hoping that the emotion she felt didn't show, "I'm glad that they could bring someone joy again." Her sister, for all that their relationship had been non-existent, had proudly bore the title of bluerider. She had loved spending time with B'tor, even if that meant flying Thread, and her death had greatly impacted both her and the greenriding-giant. Her sisters selfishness had not diminished the fact that they were sisters. Rylin put a high price on family, which was obvious given how close she and B'tor were.

Rylin didn't know what more she could have said, and yet there was far too much to say all the same. She held the knots tightly now, closing her fingers about them. Her hand fell to her side, though the knots remained no less secure. The girls gaze remained downcast, until she found herself looking upon Maiwieth again. Take good care of him, she thought, hoping that even if the dragon couldn't hear that he would know, somehow, that she had only the most sincere of sentiments to convey. She could not bring herself to look Zaephor in the eye again, if only because she felt as if she was saying good-bye.

 Posted: Yesterday at 09:52 pm

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MyZ'phor was waiting a long time. I wish I was able to find him sooner. Maiwieth said, surprising the weyrling when he bespoke Rylin. Seemed that he was warming up to the 'pretty girl' rather quickly. There was a hint of fondness hinting his speech and he tilted his head curiously at the cyanrider. At his rider's note of curiosity, he replied, 'She reminds me of Siadeth.' Ah, yes, he was quite fond of his siblings, wasn't he? Be they arrogant or shy, there was good to be found in them. There was good to be found in everyone. Perhaps that is why he chose the young man undergoing his own personal crisis, terrified that he was following the loathsome footsteps of his sire and turning into a person he feared.

"I..." He looked away, noticing that she wasn't even looking at him anyway. Z'phor wasn't good at confrontations, or resolutions. He avoided things like this like the plague. He returned the knots. Their relationship come full circle. Him flirtatiously greeting her and becoming her friend, Standing with her, watching her Impress, arguing with her...apologizing...over a Turn not even speaking face-to-face...closure...This was where they walked away, never to cross paths willingly again. He knew it. He knew that if he walked away now, they wouldn't be anything to one another. Not friends, not enemies, nothing. Just strangers that tried and failed to make a friendship work because Z'phor was inconsiderate wherrydung. He swallowed. "I kept them with me at every hatch. Even if I never Impressed, I would have returned them to you eventually. They...I guess they were a tangible reminder that someone..."

Believed in me.

I'd like to be friends with you someday. You're a good person and you seem a little sad. But if you don't want to say goodbye, then don't. Mine...feels strongly about things and doesn't always know how to say what he means. Maybe you're a little bit the same way? You're so pretty and sweet, you deserve to be happy instead of sad. And Mine could use a friend.

"Mai..." The purple had the good sense too look a little abashed. He just wanted to be helpful and make them both less unhappy. His worried about his siblings hating him for leaving when he did, and then they showed that they weren't resentful of afraid. Maybe this could be the same for him and Rylin. They were good people! They just had a bad spot. Right? Maiwieth wasn't good at resenting others or hate in general. He even mourned the loss of his dead red sister who caused so much mayhem. Some called her rotten or broken, but, a small piece of him thought that maybe she was just missing Hers. That the one she needed to tame her restless fire simply wasn't there that day to help guide her into becoming something kinder.


A'dran fought back the urge to snicker at Em'ry's situation. His red was pestering him, clearly not happy about being ignored for one second and then proceeding to make a menace of herself by pulling the tablecloth. He recalled her hatching. She wasn't expressly violent then nor was she being so now. Just pushy, needy and childish. Like a young canine with the mood swings of a fickle feline. She wanted Hers' attention and she wanted it now, and if she didn't get it, whelp, something was getting clawed by the looks of it.

"No reason to apologize. She's young. They all do odd things at this age. Wobath sat at the table with me once, propped himself on the bench next to this orangweyrling as if he were supposed to be there. I didn't even notice him climbing under the table." He sipped his drink as he continued to watch the pair. Why a bonded chose who they did wasn't always obvious, but he was sure that he could pick apart the reasons why as these two grew used to one another. All he knew for certain was that Em'ry was willful and restless, something he shared with the red. Except instead of silently stewing in his discontent, Eocuth took action. She wanted something? Well how about I start making a mess until someone gives me what I want.

He propped a hand on his hip and strolled over to where Em'ry was fixing the table, and decided to have mercy and help. "You'll never be bored," A'dran offered, sobering as he added, "I can't remember if I said congratulations yet or not. She's beautiful...and hopefully everything you were missing before." He patted Em'ry's shoulder before continuing to place cups and such away from the edge of the table.




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