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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. A grand Gather is being hosted by Western Hold to welcome their new Lord and Lady.

While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Relax, let's do it!, SP:18 {Baria/Basasius}
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 07:13 PM

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Their first Gather had gone off without a hitch. They'd met Lord Callum and mingled and fallen asleep in an exhausted heap by the end of it. Baria was pleased with how it went and judging by the affectionate way she'd treated Bas since, she was pleased with how he'd handled it, too.

It was still early, light only just peeking into their rooms, but Baria was already up and halfway dressed. "Basasius," she whispered, dropping to her knees beside the bed and placing her face inches from her husband's ear. "Baaaaaas," she murmured again, then finally planted a loud kiss on his cheek. "I'm going to go riding. Do you want to come?" She kept her voice low, not wanting to wake him up too violently if he didn't want to be woken up... Not that her kiss wouldn't have done that.

She hadn't expected to actually care for her husband. But she could feel herself falling in love, something she was encouraging with small kisses and holding his hand and flirting shamelessly. It was still a young relationship, and Baria was thrilled to find her husband a loving and considerate man. Not that a controlling or overbearing one would have lasted long in a relationship with her. But she legitimately liked Bas as a person. Which helped everything else go smoothly.

"If we want to sneak out before anyone realizes, we have to go soon." She'd already left a note saying where she was, but had decided to invite Bas last minute. She might as well take a step in attempting to nourish their relationship, after all!


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 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 12:12 AM
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He knew better than to think it would ever be easy. Life would be under a magnifying glass for them for the rest of their days, certainly until they proved capable Holders at least, and he hadn't missed the great deal of interest in his canines. People were curious by nature, and he concerned himself with the upkeep of his family's legacy just as much as anything else. Though, naturally, his wife and his Hold came first and foremost.

Basasius enjoyed his sleep. More than most people, given he didn't usually get a whole lot of it, and was prone to passing out only when he either couldn't fight the ability to stay coherent and awake any longer, or had no other work to do. Something his new spouse shared, which was as refreshing as it was occasionally bothersome. She beat him to a lot of what needed to be done, which both made them look good as well as bad. After all, men were kept to a certain level of expectation insofar as what they were supposed to do.

He definitely wasn't used to her being close to him in that way. Let alone displays of that kind of affection that weren't for public meaning. Things meant to make them look the part of what they were in title, but not so much behind closed doors - at least, for now.

It appeared, in some respects, as if he'd begun to shift that slider the proper direction on the scale, as it were.


The inquiry was uttered post-inhale, the contact having woken him consciously, as well as in other manners less than suitable for explanation. But she was his wife. She'd have to witness him in all his awkward, potentially horrible early-morning-no-Klah glory at some point. She was usually up and out of bed before him, anyway, when he didn't beat her out to feed his hounds.

It took him more than a moment to get his bearings, and then to understand what she was asking. He kept his eyes closed, one hand crawling out from under the covers to grope blindly for the corner of his pillow. He pulled it down under his chin, propping it up and finally opening one eye to look towards her.

"My darling, of course I'd like to. Though sneaking I suspect will be easier said than done. You've plans on this impromptu trip, do you?" He raised his brows curiously, before letting his eyes drop closed again. Five more minutes, he thought with a soft groan, but ultimately ended up pushing himself up to sit on the side and rub his stubble-clad face.

"We've some things on the schedule for today, don't we?"

It took him a moment to get oriented, but nevertheless he was careful not to accidentally hit her with his knee or feet on the way into his sitting position, toes then gingerly trailing across her knee if she was still where she was. Otherwise, he put an arm around her hips, and drew her in so that he could rest his head against her stomach.

Much better.



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