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Posted by: Administrator Apr 10 2017, 07:01 PM
The following is a rough outline of currently planned IC and OOC events and happenings onsite. Events may be added to the calendar or rescheduled without warning, but we will make efforts to ensure that they aren't cancelled unless there is no other option.

  • Plot Event: Cave-In
  • Pet Hatch: Amber Era
  • Flight: Red Cyanide

    FEBRUARY (SU:18)
  • Event: Moon Masque
  • Pet Hatch: Red Cyanide

  • Flight: Red Cereza & Green Quince

    APRIL (AU:18)
  • Site: Activity Check
  • Event: Easter Egg Hunt
  • Graduation: Copper Class
  • Flight/Run: Coppers Laanasuth & Zelsk
  • Pet Hatch: Red Cereza & Green Quince

  • Hatch: Coppers Laanasuth & Zelsk in: Coppertop Death Hatch
  • Graduation: Dreamdiners Class

    JUNE (WI:18)
  • Plot Event:

  • Flight: Red Ingoth

    AUGUST (SP:19)
  • Hatch: Red Ingoth

  • Event: Advertising Contest
  • Graduation: Slate Class
  • Run: Orange Vatask & Green Tarisk

    OCTOBER (SU:19)
  • Site: Activity Check
  • Graduation: Furyflyers Class
  • Plot Event:
  • Hatch: Orange Vatask & Green Tarisk
  • Flight: Red Akashath

  • Hatch: Red Akashath

    DECEMBER (AU:19)
  • Event: Dalibor 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

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