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Summer, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Slightly chilly spring days slowly but surely grow warmer as spring gives way to summer. Already the season is proving to be an unseasonably warm one, thankfully breezes have been common giving some relief. Dalibor's denizens can be found frequenting the Weyr's lake more often than in the season before, soaking up all of Rukbat's warm rays while they last.

Though not as common as the springtime there are lingering showers that come and go; thunderstorms are suddenly more common than they were in spring. Word is spreading that Fort Weyr has had an interesting outcome at their most recent hatching: An Orange broke shell and Impressed a genderneutral Candidate.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ivy

Der of Grey Desk - Rii
Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin

Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
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Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ivy

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
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 Djahari, Apprentice Harper, Stands Dragon Candidate
 Posted: Nov 16 2017, 05:29 PM


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Dalibor Weyr
Apprentice Harper
Age-Out Date:
Winter 24

Djahari is a sincere and compassionate person. She cares for her mother who has been in a near catatonic state for almost four turns. Djahari adores children and loves looking after them as well, she is a caretaker to the extreme. Djahari is not afraid of responsibility. She can seem a bit flighty at times but seems to always manage what is expected of her. She is the sweet girl that everyone sees only what she puts forth. She is always smiling, vivacious and playful. Seemingly to have endless energy even in her worst of days.

In reality, Djahari is always lonely and sad. She spends every day looking after a mother who hasn't spoken a word in four turns. She misses a father who has been missing in action for just as long. Her sister always seems to find fault with Djahari and their catatonic mother. In reality, Djahari only wants to make those around her happy and yet she finds that she cannot even do that when it comes to her family. Djahari is always optimistic that their mother will come back to them and be a mother once more and that their father will reappear. She is optimistic that she will be able to find her rightful place within the Weyr. However, she has always been envious of her older sister, Vasare, for the ease in which Vasare always seems to conduct herself in all situations.

Hiding behind her facade, Djahari puts her emotions into her music. She loves playing any instrument she can get her hands on and does so very well. She has such a passion for music that besides having such an interest in looking after children; she knew she would always want to be a Harper. Despite her insecurities, Djahari tends to be rather fanciful and tends to get carried away with stories and even her music. Perhaps it is everything that keeps Djahari busy might be the reason why she is overly sensitive or the fact that her sister has always been critical of her but Djahari secretly wants her sister's approval.

Born a month early, Djahari was born the 'Runt' as her sister likes to remind her. She has always been tiny. Standing at 4'9" and weighing 86lbs, Djahari is hoping she will grow at least a little more so that her sister would stop calling her Runt. Despite her size, Djahari is hard to miss with her white-blond hair and blue eyes. Looking very much like her mother and older sister who have near enough the same colouring and features. Very few people would be able to miss the fact that they are related. Her pale hair is exceptionally long, reaching her waist and curling wear the ends. Her rich blue eyes are encircled within a deeper blue.

Djahari has a heart-shaped face, delicate features with distinct cheekbones. Having exceptionally pale skin much like her mother and sibling, Djahari tends to burn easily in the sun causing her to usually wear a shawl or scarf over her head. She prefers to wear dresses with leggings beneath and is often scolded by her grandmother for not wearing her shoes.

In the next couple of turns, Djahari will grow another inch and her willowy figure will fill out a little more. Her youthful appearance will stay with her as it had for her mother before she lost her dragon and her grandmother who still looks much younger than her many turns.

Grandmother: Minahari [Master Harper] [59 Turns]
Mother: Varsae [Journeyman Harper/Ex-Dragonrider] [38 Turns]
Father: D'sar [MiA] [Journeyman Dragonhealer/Dragonrider] [41 Turns]
Sister: Vasare [Dragon Candidate] [19 Turns]

Any pets your character has (see the Main Stall in the Market.)

There is no greater love than the love a child has for her mother. At least that was what Djahari always felt. Vasare was four turns when Djahari was born a month earlier than she should have been. The small child had an instant dislike for her runt of a sister. She was certain she had never seen their mother, Varsae, so enamored, except for when she looked upon the smallest little bundle of flesh that made up her tiny infant sister. Djahari would never know this though. Varsae became a more committed mother the moment Djahari was born. She had been a Dragonrider and a Journeyman Harper and yet her child changed her entire life. She loved her eldest daughter and yet Djahari had made her see things she never thought she would see.

Djahari and Vasare barely saw their father, barely knew him and yet they both were fascinated by him. Their mother always telling them tales about the Dragonriders; especially their father Barrick. Djahari and Vasare's world consisted of their mother and grandmother surrounding them when they were free from their duties. It was Djahari's grandmother that had first seen the spark of talent in Djahari at the small age of four turns when she had been caught playing with her grandmother's harp. Despite being scolded for touching the instrument Djahari was taught with a certain care, how to play the harp as well as her mother's violin. She was a natural with the carefully crafted instruments and Djahari's grandmother was certain the frail girl would be a Harper in the future.

While Vasare chased after her father, always wanting to learn from him and craving his attention. Djahari stuck close to home knowing her mother worried for her tiny daughter. It never bothered her to be coddled but instead she seemed to pick up on her mother's habits and looked after her peers in very much the same way. Djahari wasn't necessarily a loner or even shy for that matter but their mother often insisted that Vasare stay close to her little sister and take care of her. Finding it irksome to have to look after the runt, Vasare would often play on Djahari's naivety. Usually ending in Djahari ending up in the Infirmary with varies injuries. Causing her to end up with an unlikely friendship with several of the Healers within the Infirmary.

Every night Djahari hung upon every word her grandmother or mother spoke when they told her stories from their history before her bedtime. She learned to play the instruments that both of them used as Harpers. And she took great interest in her schooling. Djahari knew from the age of six that she would be a Harper just like her Grandmother. A fact that always seemed to incite her sister's ridicule when no one else was around. Djahari didn't necessarily get along with her older sister Vasare but they weren't quite adversaries either. If anyone had the gall to pick on Djahari when Vasare was around, she would not have it. Vasare was protective of her sister when it came to others but it seemed to be her personal duty to 'toughen' up her runt of a sister. The years between them seemed to cause a chasm of sorts that always kept them from forming any sort of bond beyond that of blood.

When Djahari reached ten turns, she knew immediately that she wanted to Apprentice as a Harper and her Grandmother took her to the Harper Hall away from Dalibor Weyr. It was the hardest thing Djahari had ever had to do in her few young turns. Leaving her family was painful and yet she did it because she knew it was where she was destined to go. With a promise to return when she became a Journeyman, Djahari spent an entire turn at the Harper Hall before she had to flee with many others back home to Dalibor Weyr in the midst of the Doomfall. That single turn that she had spent at the Harper Hall had been one of the most exciting and frightening times in her life. Away from her comfort zone, Djahari learned so much with her tenacious desire to learn and her strong ability with music and story-telling began to truly flourish.

Returning to Dalibor Weyr, Djahari was both elated and saddened all at the same time. However, it was her fear for her Dragonrider parents that truly had her concerned. During this time, Djahari spent with her Grandmother, being tutored as an Apprentice. Vasare always seemed to disappear during most of these times. It wasn't until their mother, Varsae had lost her dragon to the Doomfall that Vasare's attendance in their family home became even less apparent. Varsae became a shell of her former self, eliciting Djahari's instincts to take care of her parent. It wasn't until the Thread was nearly done it's course when their father disappeared without a word. Leaving Djahari and Vasare nearly parent-less. Despite Djahari's young age, she quickly came into her own. Multitasking by not only helping care for her mother but also continuing to Apprentice as a Harper within the Weyr.

Djahari's life took on a routine for the next several turns that saw very little deviation. Her life consisted of Apprenticing, looking after her mother, visiting and helping the children of the Weyr [especially those that had been orphaned]. Djahari never seemed to have enough time or the luck of finding a friend of her own but she was acquaintances with nearly everyone. She truly loved the people that surrounded her within Dalibor Weyr. Never a second for herself. Even her music was played when she was with her mother. Always borrowing her mother's violin until her Grandmother gifts her an instrument of her own when she becomes a Journeyman.

Adoption Preference: Transfer

Cross-Impressionable No.

SubQueen Impressible: No.

Impression Preference:
This section is completely optional

Desired Colors:
Do not mind.

Banned Colors:
Do not mind.

Preferred Personalities:
Do not mind.

Undesirable Personalities:
Do not mind.

In-Character Considerations:
Would like to wait until Djahari reaches Journeyman status.

Mauling Preferences:
No mauling, thanks. ^.^
 Posted: Nov 17 2017, 11:41 PM


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Djahari's profile is complete. However if there is anything I must amend, let me know and I will take care of it asap! I look forward for your feedback and thank you in advance for looking her over. http://files.jcink.net/uploads/daliborweyr/smiley/Smile.png
 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 10:35 PM
Jr. Weyrwoman

Idea Factory

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Hi @Altheria!

Just a few tweaks needed and you'll be good to go.
- Could you please fix the app title to be "Djahari, Apprentice Harper" and the subtitle to just be the location (i.e. Dalibor Weyr). Stands candidate is unnecessary.
- Names in Dali canon tend to be at least partially derived from the mother and/or father's name - for example, Weyrwoman Rayna's parents were Ray and Merna. There are exceptions, but they're usually for a defined reason, i.e. to honor a friend or other relative, for example. If you're set on the names you have for the siblings, it might be worth saying where they're from!
- Her father, being a dragonrider, would have an elided name, for example B'rick.
- Growing up at the Weyr to two dragonrider parents, they would not have been isolated. Dragonriders have duties, and children are all at least partially raised in the creche for socialization and lessons.
- They would not have left the harper hall DURING the massive threadfall; it would be perfectly safe inside, and waited until it was over - it only lasted the same duration as a regular threadfall, it was just many times heavier.
- Barrick couldn't just vanish and them have no idea where he went without causing a Weyr-wide incident; it's more likely that he quietly arranged a transfer to another Weyr without telling them, but they could find out afterwards where he went.

Post back if you have any questions or whenever you're ready for re-review!


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