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Summer, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Slightly chilly spring days slowly but surely grow warmer as spring gives way to summer. Already the season is proving to be an unseasonably warm one, thankfully breezes have been common giving some relief. Dalibor's denizens can be found frequenting the Weyr's lake more often than in the season before, soaking up all of Rukbat's warm rays while they last.

Though not as common as the springtime there are lingering showers that come and go; thunderstorms are suddenly more common than they were in spring. Word is spreading that Fort Weyr has had an interesting outcome at their most recent hatching: An Orange broke shell and Impressed a genderneutral Candidate.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ivy

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ivy

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Ra'h of Green Musath - Blot
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Save a Dance for me?, [SU:18 - Masque Night 1 - Linavi/Z'ant]
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 07:59 PM


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Fingers pulled at the skirt once again, the pink tinted sheer fabric was intriguing and much softer than she thought it would be. The whole dress was soft, even the upper half with all the small beads threaded on it. It had been a gift from her brother and while she’d had it for turns she’d never worn it. There was a time when she planned on wearing it and inviting him to dinner for his nameday but he’d been too busy, they had to reschedule and she forgot to wear it when they finally got together for dinner on a different evening. ‘There’d be another time to wear it’, she could almost hear herself thinking those words in the past… but there hadn’t been time. They had run out of time last winter.

Two seasons had passed and while the pain in her heart had lessened it would always remain, of that she had no doubt. So now in order to honor her brother she was finally wearing the dress even though it didn’t quite match the mask she had picked out to wear to the Masque feasts.

Oh, ahm, it is green, green is such a pretty color. Pink is ahm a prettier color, don’t you think? You look so so pretty! Ahm...Lyraleth! She is green! She is sooooo pretty too, but not as pretty as myLin! Oh oh oh do you think Lyraleth will be there, and friendZ’ant? We can all get our faces painted! Did you hear that? There is face painting and we can all go! Ohhh it will be so fun! And there will be boooooys there myLin! So many of them! One might kiss you! FriendZ’ant can’t kiss you because he has Lyraleth and she is still so little and he caaaaaan’t but when she is bigger then he can! Poshyooth was absolutely thrilled that there was a feast going on. Music, food, dancing, dressing up, masks, face painting, and boys! Everything her rider could possibly want or need in order to cheer up more.

”There will be no kissing tonight or any other night. You assume he even wants to kiss me, which he doesn’t.” Nevermind that his green had already outed him as having thought a certain way about the pinkrider, she was not going to entertain the idea. If she did she might turn completely red upon seeing him - and given how their dragons seemed to intervene more often than not she doubted she’d make it through the evening without seeing him.

Do not worry my sweet song. When Lyraleth is older you and friendZ’ant can have eggs together. A pause and then, Oh there they are! No sooner had the pair landed in the weyrbowl did Posh pick their friends from the crowd headed for the dining hall. Linavi barely had time to dismount before her pink was bouncing, Lyraleth! FriendZ’ant! We ahm, are going to get our faces painted! You look niiiiiiiiiice, so cute! MyLin is cute too! Did you see? Wait ahm, and dance with her!

Hiding the visible portion of her face behind a hand she couldn’t help but turn bright red, stopping completely in the bowl rather than heading for the dining hall. That’s it, I’m going back to my weyr. I cannot be here with him if you are going to keep this up! He’s a weyrling! Completely exasperated and embarrassed she opened her eyes in time to see the green and the young man bonded to her headed their way. Shards, too late to run now.



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