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Dalibor is a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern site. No knowledge of the series or site is required to join; players of all experience levels are welcome here. Founded in 2008 on Proboards and moved to Jcink in 2013, Dalibor has been running for nine years.

Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

Upcoming Flights/Runs:
Red Ingoth

Upcoming Hatchings:

Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





Dalibor was created by Bre, continued by Cathaline, and is now owned and operated by Ruin. Most of the information, rules, and graphics were made, compiled, or written by staff with credit given to those whose resources they used. Stock thanks to credited parties. All characters and posts are copyrighted to the members of the game. No material from this site should be copied in any way, shape, or form without utter express permission from the members and staff. All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's 'Dragonrider of Pern' series are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967-2017, all rights reserved. The Dragonriders of Pern is registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, by Anne McCaffrey, used here with general permission for non-commercial purposes without monetary gain.

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 Runs & Hatchings
 Posted: Dec 12 2013, 04:41 AM
Oodles of Fun


710 Posts
1888959 Marks
Member Inventory: View


Green Whisk, caught by bronze Mieusk (1 viable egg).
(Sum./195/10I - May 25, 2009)

Gold Risk, caught by bronze Mask (11 viable eggs).
(Win./196/10I - March 6, 2010)

Green Frisk, caught by brown Wrynsk (no viable eggs).
(Sum./199/10I - February 18, 2011)

Green Brisk, caught by blue Flask (no viable eggs).
(Sum./199/10I - March 8, 2011)

Red Ausk, caught by iron Slosk (3 viable eggs).
(Aut./199/10I - March 21, 2011)

Gold Risk, caught by iron Husk (12 viable eggs).
(Aut./199/10I - March 26, 2011)

Red Ausk, caught by blue Lyrsk (2 viable eggs).
(Aut./002/11P - June 26, 2012)

Green Dask, caught by bronze Lachask (1 viable egg).
(Aut./002/11P - June 27, 2012)

Gold Kalesk, caught by bronze Lachask (15 viable eggs).
(Spr./003/11P - Aug 1, 2012)

Green Yusk, caught by iron Slosk (2 viable eggs).
(Spr./003/11P - Aug 1, 2012)

Red Damask, caught by blue Lyrsk (3 viable eggs).
(Aut./004/11P - Feb 15, 2013)

Red Ausk, caught by bronze Cilisk (4 viable eggs).
(Win./005/11P - July 21, 2013)

Gold Kalesk, caught by bronze Cilisk (13 viable eggs).

White Fenrisk, caught by black Impask (2 viable eggs).

Grey Desk, caught by Black Pesk (2 viable eggs).

Orange Vresk, caught by Brown Evanesk (3 viable eggs).

Cyan Dosk, caught by Brown Railysk (2 viable eggs).

Cyan Oddisk, caught by Blue Raxerisk (2 viable eggs).

Green Lisk, caught by Brown Mengsk (no viable eggs).

Green Jossk, caught by Bronze Charsk (no viable eggs).

Gold Kalesk, caught by Iron Frisk (16 viable eggs).

Green Tsktsk, caught by Iron Jafask (2 viable eggs).

Orange Vresk, caught by Iron Slosk (3 viable eggs).

Green Lisk, caught by Black Sresk (1 viable egg).

Green Pailusk, caught by Bronze Baousk (2 viable eggs).

Orange Izanesk, caught by Iron Miesk (4 viable eggs).

White Fenrisk, caught by White Vysk (2 viable eggs).

Green Tousk, caught by Brown Harrisk (3 viable eggs).

Green Vessk, caught by Brown Taresk (no viable eggs).
(Sum./013/11P – February 2nd, 2016)

Orange Izanesk, caught by Bronze Flask (5 viable eggs).
(Aut./013/11P – February 14th, 2016)

Gold Nevisk, caught by Iron Slosk (12 viable eggs).
(Sum./014/11P – June 8th, 2016)

Green Vessk, caught by Brown Isk (no viable eggs).
(Spr./017/11P – May 9th, 2017)

Cyan Lintask, caught by Blue Alisk (4 viable eggs).
(Aut./017/11P – August 15th, 2017)

Cyan Ridesk, caught by Brown Taresk (no viable eggs).
(Win./017/11P – November 24th, 2017)

Copper Zelsk, caught by Bronze Osk (12 viable eggs).
(Aut./018/11P – April 2nd, 2018)
 Posted: Dec 12 2013, 04:42 AM
Oodles of Fun


710 Posts
1888959 Marks
Member Inventory: View


Copper Zelsk X Bronze Osk
(14 Eggs - 0 Queen - 2 Dud - Aut./018/11P)?
Bronze Hask, bonded to Hargrove.
Bronze Deceased.
Red Morrigask, bonded to Morrigan.
Viridian Orisk, bonded to Orissa.
Brown Emersk, bonded to Emeron.
Blue Felrisk, bonded to Felrin.
Blue Oresk, bonded to Oreanda.
Cyan Shask, bonded to Shaedryn.
Cyan Xavinysk, bonded to Xavinyra.
Pink Arask, bonded to Arala.
Pink Candisk, bonded to Candi.
Pink Kelrisk, bonded to Kelrin.

Cyan Lintask X Blue Alisk
(4 Eggs - 0 Queen - 0 Dud - Aut./017/11P)
Orange Vatask, bonded to Vatalian.
Viridian Raelsk, bonded to Raela.
Blue Dask, bonded to Dawson.
Cyan Eryosk, bonded to Eryonthi.

Wild Clutch - Tuana Hold Gift
(6 Eggs - 1 Queen - 0 Dud - Spr./017/11P)
Copper Zelsk, bonded to Zel.
Orange Kaisk, bonded to Kaizre.
Iron Syrsk, bonded to Syrene.
Blue Lykask, bonded to Lykaios.
Black Jysk, bonded to Jyderin.
Green Ollisk, bonded to Ollivander.

Gold Nevisk X Iron Slosk
(16 Eggs - 0 Queen - 4 Dud - Aut./014/11P)
Iron Liask, bonded to Liamaedra.
Bronze Osk, bonded to Oreanda.
Red Carrosk, bonded to Carrolly.
Red Yorisk, bonded to Yoris.
Grey Kesk, bonded to Kelah.
Blue Brask, bonded to Brandy.
Blue Dabrysk, bonded to Dabriye.
Blue Eisk, bonded to Einon.
Cyan Gask, bonded to Galya.
Cyan Irrisk, bonded to Irrin.
Cyan Riysk, bonded to Riyd.
Cyan Visk, bonded to Vinlos.
Black Rusk, bonded to Runner.

Orange Izanesk x Bronze Flask
(5 eggs – 0 Queen – 0 Dud – Win./13/11P)
Bronze Norsk, bonded to Norla.
Viridian Bosk, bonded to Bozidar.
Viridian Zesk, bonded to Zeryne.
Blue Ssk, bonded to Sutekh.
Blue Yenysk, bonded to Yenyne.

Wild X Wild
(? Eggs - 1 Queen - ? Dud - Sum./012/11P)
Gold Nevisk, bonded to Nevitheran.

Green Tousk X Brown Harrisk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen - 0 Dud - Sum./012/11P)
Red Raisk, bonded to Raistlin.
Cyan Ruosk, bonded to Ruoban.
Green Wilsk, bonded to Wilyr.

Orange Izanesk X Iron Miesk
(5 Eggs - 0 Queen - 1 Dud - Aut./010/11P)
Bronze Sionask, bonded to Sionalo.
Blue Risesk, bonded to Risem.
Cyan Lintask, bonded to Lintara.
Green Kazhisk, bonded to Kazhimur.

White Fenrisk X White Vysk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen - 1 Dud - Aut./010/11P)
White Busk, bonded to Burl.
Black Kosk, bonded to Kosten.

Green Lisk X Black Sresk
(2 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Spr./010/11P)
Black Jorunsk, bonded to Jorunn.

Green Pailusk X Bronze Baousk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Spr./010/11P)
Cyan Artemisk, bonded to Artemis.
Black Silask, bonded to Silas.

Green Tsktsk X Iron Jafask
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Aut./009/11P)
Blue Feenisk, bonded to Feeniris.
Green Wesk, bonded to Weaver.

Orange Vresk X Iron Slosk
(5 Eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Aut./009/11P)
Bronze Nalisk, bonded to Nalis.
Cyan Endellisk, bonded to Endellion.
Green Tousk, bonded to Toumke.

Gold Kalesk X Iron Frisk
(17 Eggs - 1 Queen, 1 Dud - Aut./009/11P)
Gold Embosk, bonded to Embomere.
Orange Mosk, bonded to Mouse.
Brown Taresk, bonded to Tarele.
Blue Abelmosk, bonded to Abelmo.
Blue Carask, bonded to Cara.
Cyan Arsonysk, bonded to Arsonyk.
Cyan Damarisk, bonded to Damarion.
Cyan Lyeask, bondded to Lyeang.
Cyan Ridesk, bonded to Rider.
Cyan Risk, bonded to Riker.
Green Arabesk, bonded to Arabera.
Green Cask, bonded to Caomh.
Green Chisk, bonded to Chiyo.
Black Capesk, bondded to Capellio.
Black Ryiask, bonded to Ryiah.
Black Wynsk, bonded to Wynmuri.

Cyan Dosk X Brown Railysk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Aut./007/11P)
Cyan Sekrisk, bonded to Sekri.
Green Jask, bonded to Jana.

Cyan Oddisk X Blue Raxerisk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Aut./007/11P)
Cyan Nesk, bonded to Newt.
Black Deceased

Orange Vresk X Brown Evanesk
(5 Eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Aut./007/11P)
Orange Izanesk, bonded to Izanen.
Green Kazynsk, bonded to Kazynn.
Black Lask, bonded to Latia.

Gray Desk X Black Pesk
(2 Eggs - 0 Queen, 0 Dud - Aut./007/11P)
Blue Czervosk, bonded to Czervon.
Black Arovisk, bonded to Arovin.

White Fenrisk X Black Impask
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Aut./006/11P)
Cyan Matisk, bonded to Matilda.
Black Valask, bonded to Valasco.

Gold Kalesk X Bronze Cilisk
(14 Eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Sum./006/11P)
Iron Jafask, bonded to Jafari.
Brown Harrisk, bonded to Harrin.
Brown Rask, bonded to Randiel.
Blue Narask, bonded to Naras.
Blue Pyrusk, bonded to Pyrus.
Cyan Ksesk, bondded to Ksenna.
Cyan Tamarisk, bonded to Tamarine.
Green Hulsk, bonded to Hulair.
Green Jossk, bonded to Joshu.
Green Deceased
Black Dardrask, bonded to Dardranel.
Black Isk, bonded to Inrahim.
Gray Tisk, bonded to Tius.

Red Ausk X Bronze Cilisk
(5 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Spr./006/11P)
Brown Mengsk, bonded to Mengir.
Cyan Kask, bonded to Kalet.
Green Lisk, bonded to Lirmox.
Black Newsk, Deceased

Wild X Wild
(1 egg - 0 Queen, 0 Dud - Win./005/11P)
Green Yhisk, bonded to Yhimere.

Wild X Wild
(3 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Sum./005/11P)
Green Rysk, bonded to Rylie.
Black Saosk, bonded to Saowyn.

Red Damask X Blue Lyrsk
(5 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Win./004/11P)
Brown Shinsk, bonded to Shino.
Brown Deceased.
Blue Raxerisk, bonded to Raxeris.
Green Sesk, bonded to Sebolaren.

Green Yusk X Iron Slosk
(3 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Sum./003/11P)
White Tessk, bonded to Tesla.
Black Burlesk, bonded to Burleinherjar.

Gold Kalesk X Bronze Lachask
(17 eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Sum./003/11P)
Bronze Cilisk, bonded to Cilia.
Orange Vresk, bonded to Vrell.
Brown Bifrosk, bonded to Bifrokolnir.
Blue Ask, bonded to Andru.
Blue Naanesk, bonded to Naanell.
Cyan Dosk, bonded to Dota.
Cyan Oddisk, bonded to Oddinya.
Green Abesk, bonded to Abetzi.
Green Abrask, bonded to Abranna.
Green Pailusk, bonded to Pailu.
Green Tusk, bonded to Tussbuul.
Green Disk, bonded to Dita.
Black Impask, bonded to Impa.
Black Mysk, bonded to Mya.
Black Naisk, bonded to Naitia.

Green Dask X Bronze Lachask
(2 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Win./002/11P)
Black Cialisk, bonded to Ciali.

Red Ausk X Blue Lyrsk
(4 eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Win./002/11P)
Green Esk, bonded to Edison.
Green Yalesk, bonded to Yalenia.

Gold Risk X Iron Husk
(16 Eggs - 0 Queen, 4 Dud - Win./199/10I)
Bronze Khesk, bonded to Khemres.
Red Damask, bonded to Damali.
Brown Keelsk, bonded to Keely.
White Fenrisk, bonded to Fenrimere.
Blue Pask, bonded to Paget.
Blue Betweened.
Blue Betweened.
Green Dsk, bonded to Delgar.
Green Hessk, bonded to Hester.
Green Nisk, bonded to Nikan.
Black Cask, bonded to Camea.
Black Mavrisk, bonded to Mavrin.

Red Ausk X Iron Slosk
(4 eggs - 0 Queen, 1 Dud - Win./199/10I)
Blue Sagarsk, bonded to Sagaral.
Green Dask, bonded to Darryl.
Black Kisk, bonded to Kire.

Gold Risk X Bronze Mask
(13 Eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Spr./197/10I)
Iron Bask, bonded to Baharl.
Brown Resk, bonded to Rethalt.
Brown Wrynsk, bonded to Wrynri.
Blue Kiosk, bonded to Kio
Blue Obelisk, bonded to Obelir
Green Asterisk, bonded to Asterin.
Green Brisk, bonded to Bri.
Green Dusk, bonded to Durene.
Green Frisk, bonded to Frino
Black Lesk, bonded to Lenir.
Black Task, bonded to Talouse.

Green Whisk X Bronze Mieusk
(3 Eggs - 0 Queen, 2 Dud - Aut./195/10I)
Blue Flask, bonded to Flayn.

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