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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 *ADO*Kelah, Handler of Gray Kesk, Red Class Wherling, Sr. Apprentice Smith
 Posted: Jun 2 2016, 03:11 PM

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Twenty-turns [b. 194]
Dalibor, formally Fort Weyr
Red Class Wherling
Sr. Apprentice Blacksmith

Fiery, Coy, Outspoken, Proud, Fatalistic, Focused, Hardworking

Quick-tempered and spirited are words that tend to describe Kel when people are asked how they feel. Never at once, as it depends on the person receiving her. She's quick to defend her opinions and other people's if they are of the same mindset. But she's also quick to raise her voice if someone argues with her, and unless the other person has a cool head she can and will get out of control. It could even be over something as simple as wanting to be right all the time. Its... difficult for her to admit when she's wrong, she will prefer to drive her point home and berate the other person until they back down. But Kel likes to know things, she doesn't mind sitting and picking up any new knowledge, even if it doesn't pertain to her craft, or goal; so her being wrong won't happen as often. The more you know, the more you win.

Kel is flirty, even without meaning to be flirty, its how she speaks to people -- how she smiles and bats her eyelashes. But its sometimes intentional if she knows she could get away with it. If they have something she wants she will use what she has to get it. Of course she would rather use her words, but sometimes words aren't enough. Body language is sometimes the way to go.

Her mother's death, even at the age eight sort of "gifted" her with a sense of fatalism. She heard that things happen for a reason, and that sort of stuck. Everything was inevitable, and everything was generally out of her control especially when it comes to something as grim as death. People die, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. At first that sort of mindset scared her, but what did she have to be afraid of? It happened to everyone and her mother, her amazing beautiful mother, wasn't spared of that, so why would she be? Why would anyone be? Its sort of what helps her cool down after a heated argument if one happens.

She's not only passionate about her opinions and those who agree with her, but she's also passionate about her work. She's a blacksmith, working with weapons... or at least she's dabbled in that area. Working with a blacksmith at a weyr, you make whatever metal, or weapon that needs to be made. Blacksmithing, for a reason that she doesn't even understand... spoke to her in a way... maybe in the same way that Weaving spoke to her brother. It clicks with her. The sound of the hammer hitting metal on the forge, watching how that metal eventually bends to the will of the smith. It is beautiful, creating something out of some ugly thing. Kel wants to walk the tables some day, so she works very hard at what she does. Even outside of blacksmithing, once she's honed in on something she'll do it until it gets done.

Kelah, from the outside, must look like she's completely fearless. She's not, most definitely not. Its quite silly actually... to be afraid of what she fears. Heights. A girl who grew up around many many dragons, and lived in one of the highest weyrs in Fort with a dragon... was afraid of looking down. The thought of being somewhere high sends her into a panic, no matter how much she tries to hide it... but don't worry, she will rarely hide that. She knows that as soon as she's somewhere above ground, she'll go into a full blown panic. Best to avoid that while everyone is on the ground.

user posted image

She fancies looking like a Lady Holder, as she adores those kinds of clothing. Adores how some delicate cloths just weave around her body. So that's the kind of clothing she wears, anything to make her look like a delicate lady. Skirts, blouses, fancy robes, scarves of all kinds, belts anything that was in her father's pay range she'd put on. So of course her long brown hair is always twisted into braids, or pulled up into a pretty bow to accent whatever she is wearing. Her hair has a natural wave to it, and while wet it almost looks to be curly (which she sometimes encourages with oils).

Her eyes are large and a very light brown, and against the dark richness of her hair they almost look like honey. Across her nose is a light dusting of freckles, only really seen when she spends time out of the sun.

Don't let her doe eyes and "dainty" appearance fool you. She has a very different side to her underneath all her fancies. She's not so dainty when she's working with her passion. Which happens to be working around iron and steel with a hammer in hand. This girl is strong, and perhaps during the summer months when she isn't covered up, you can see it in her arms and legs if she decides to show them. Kel is somewhat disappointed that her body refuses to get any larger. Though that would probably break the illusion she likes to dabble with. The 'don't I look like a sweet little lady... UNTIL I KICK YOUR BUTT'. Kelah works out daily, as she wants to always be in as top of shape as she can manage.

She averages out to be around five foot six with curves in the appropriate places. Nothing too extraordinary, but that's what clothing is for, accentuates the right features for nice occasions.

Father: Kabe (49 turns +32) -- Master Baker (Roasting).
Mother: Roseliah of Green Nukuth -- Deceased
Siblings: Rebekah of Burgundy Zhulonth [Transferred back to Fort] (+2), B'oh of Iron Khadroth (-3)


user posted image
Sterile Female Tunnelsnake Senka
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Sebolaren eyed Kelah sternly, and then his face relaxed and he smiled. It may have been a little broken, and no little sorrowful, but it was quite probably the most honest smile of the day. "I think you'll be able to handle anything, snake or no, but this is a good introduction." As the girl placed her hand in the box, Sebol noted that it was the odd beastie who hadn't much moved for the others. Who he'd thought was dead. He'd give it enough time but...the sound that broke his concentration was like the crack of a whip. He wasn't even certain if the snake had hit the box, or the girl to make the noise, but it didn't much matter. The creature had come alive at her presence, and that was indication enough for him that something was happening. Even if, maybe, the creature had broken a finger, or even a few of its own ribs.

That noise, and then nothing, or very little. Sesk's head tilted to hear, and her eyes whirled appreciatively of what was happening on the inside. The seemingly lazy beast had found its bond after all. Was now throttling her wrist with its body and turning her hand red and purple as it latched on to the sensitive webbing between her thumb and finger. It was an angry creature. Predatory, not evil. Its passion burned into her mind like a cold dark flame that she would recognize as being able to melt the strongest metals. This tunnelsnake would lay in wait for eons, but strike ruthlessly when required. It would take a firm hand to tame it, an even firmer hand to control it.

"Congratulations are in order," he said softly, though he knew this one would be a handful like Galibra had been.


Kelah was born at Fort Weyr, between two people who fell in love after the first time they "connected". She's the middle child, but in a small way she acted like the eldest. Rebekah seemed to have the spoiled mentality of the middle child more often than not, but that meant that Kelah was in trouble less often. But her temper tended to reset any good counts.

It was learned from a very young age that Kel did. Not. Want to be on Nukuth's back. Do not make her climb up there and jump off the ledge. Do. Not. Nope, there was not a little dragon rider in her, not like her siblings. Bekah and Bel loved to hang around Nukuth and fly whenever their mother had the time to take them. Kelah was happy to be where her feet were firmly planted. More often than not she would be on the real ground, exploring the weyr. She would behave, and politely ask questions, but one day she found herself under all that stone where it was dark and... loud? There was a heat that came from below and a very loud rhythmic CLANG. At first the old master Blacksmith and his accompanied Journeyman (daughter) were angry that she was down there. Well until the Journeyman saw, not mischief in Kel's eyes but... a genuine interest. The Journeyman held out her hammer to the girl and Kel, at the age of seven, grasped it. The tip of it pitched towards the earth, until her other hand grabbed the handle as well. Her eyes went wide, and the Journeyman (Olwyn) laughed, "if ya want ta hold't like me, ya gotta get stronger girl."

She practically RAN up all those steps, back up to the weyr, where her parents were probably worried. Until Nukuth finally found her mind close by. She went into a full, sparkle eyed detail of all the things Olwyn and her father taught her in the short half candlemark she was down there. No Baker children for Kabe it seemed. But her parents was happy she found a love and a goal before she was ready to apprentice. Nothing was going to stop her.

...Not even when Thread and cold Between took her mother. Of course she was shaken by the loss, the entire family was. But it didn't veer the child from her chosen path, because when she came of age she marched down into those caverns and asked to become their apprentice. Olwyn and Weylin were happy to take her on, the former more than the latter. His daughter had to remind him that she pestered him much the same when she was Kel's age. "The girl's got spirit Da." She told him, but she knew that he'd accept her anyway. Kelah mainly worked under Olly, and sometimes when she wasn't available Wey would take her on for a few lessons, or would make her clean up.

She grew up with that forge and with the rest of the staff that worked around it. She loved it, and it was even better when they let her make her first thing. Now it was just a bolt for the head of a cross bow, and a couple of rings for saddles... but the proud smile on her face, spoke volumes.

Word eventually came back to the weyr that her sister Rebekah had impressed, and eventually Belioh had gone off to Dalibor as well. Kel was tempted to follow her siblings, but refrained. Until she heard that her baby brother impressed an Iron. Her baby bro, Bel on a sharding King! It helped that Rebekah eventually transferred home, so their father wouldn't be alone. So Kelah packed, said her goodbyes to the people she knew, most especially Weylin, Olly and... her father. THEN very, very reluctantly let Rebekah put her on Zhulonth to take her to Dalibor (and lost her lunch when she got there).

It was very inspiring to hear and see her siblings bonded. While Kel firmly believed that dragon riding wasn't for her, there were still the whers... and she'd still be able to work on her craft. She heard there were a couple of good journeyman there. Candidate and Smith... it would be an impressive resume.

Adoption Preference: Adoption is fine, for now.

Wher: [Gold Nevisk x Iron Slosk - Wild]

user posted image

Name: Kesk
Color: Gray (m) [#aaaaaa]

Age: Hatchling [b. AU 14]
Size: 2' x 4'3"


Kesk is built leanly, though slightly thick-legged compared to the rest of him. He has big honking paws that tend to have one of two results when walking anywhere - cushioning his steps to the point he's near-silent, or his claws click loudly (clop clop clop, nothing to see here). His headknobs are substantially hard, and he's not afraid to use them to move people or things along (beware your calves, would-be path-blockers!). His wings are little more than a secondary set of headknobs on his shoulders, with a tiny, tiny fringe of membrane. He will never be glide-capable, but makes up for it with a surprising capacity to outrun most whers bigger than himself in short bursts, using his substantially long tail as a balance. He's very, very fast over short distances - Kelah will have to keep up! He will grow to be 2' tall, and 4'3" long; given his penchant for laziness, Kelah may find herself carrying him around until he's large enough that she can tell him he's too big.


Kesk's entire demeanor is stubborn. He's not thick-headed or unintelligent by any means - no, this wher is, like the rest of his siblings, quite smart and witty. He can be a bit sarcastic at times, especially if someone's being intentionally dense about something; not a leader in any respect, but with some work with His, he could potentially become a Pridesecond or even a Prideleader one day. However, that hinges entirely on what His wants.

He works hard, just as hard as His, if not even harder, and like His, wants to do things his own way. That is, when Kelah can get him to move. Kesk can be unspeakably lazy sometimes - be it because of his size, or simply because he just doesn't want to, who knows. Faranth knows there are other Grays around who have no problems working hard. That being said, he is dependable. If this Gray tells you he's going to do something, or he promises, rest assured his word is as good as law. It'll get done, even if he has to stay with His after-candlemarks to do it.

Kesk is patient in a great majority of things, however, he's quite territorial and possessive of His. Kelah belongs to HIM, and though His is flirty at times, she's going to have to teach Kesk the difference between just flirting with no intent, and when she's actually interested in someone - and at that, they're going to butt heads a little bit on that regard. In Kesk's mind, he's there to protect His and thrash any would-be heartbreakers around their ankles. He's deeply sensitive, and His can easily hurt his feelings if she's too sharp with him; in the same respects, Kesk is initially shy and doesn't really interact with strangers until His shows/tells him it's okay. Kelah is the center of Kesk's world, and he revolves near-constantly around her.

 Posted: Jun 4 2016, 10:50 PM
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