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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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With Mutorin of Dalibor's discovery that a number of plants found in the southern jungles can be used as a remedy to stave off the worst of the still unnamed 'plague' the fatalities seem to have tapered off. Most of Dalibor's ill have recovered, if only in time to mourn their losses. Even still a number of Dalibor's wings and prides have seen fit to transfer away following their recovery, as if the Weyr itself was responsible for such a disastrous event - not realizing the plague was spread to the far reaches of Pern by a handful of persons that broke the quarantine in their delirious state.

All things considered life is moving forward calmly for the denizens of Dalibor Weyr and its beholden Holds. Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. Only time will tell what the new Lord and Lady Holder will bring to their Hold, but all are hoping for none but good fortune.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ivy

Nevitheran of Gold Nevisk - Rhia

Rilorden of Blue Gabranth - Zane
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta
B'tor of Green Tavistrath - Sakoru

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia

Al'dr of Blue Fortath - Raining
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo

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 How to Title and Tag Threads
 Posted: Mar 21 2017, 12:41 PM

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When you make a post, write the following in the subtitle:
SEASON:TURN {Player1/Player2}: trigger warning if you think it should have one

SU:11 {Azhdarchid/Ruin}
AU:11 {Azhdarchid/Ruin}
WI:11 {Azhdarchid/Ruin}
SP:11 {Azhdarchid/Ruin}

Other things you may write inside the brackets {} as appropriate:
{Blahth's Flight}

Post Icon Guide

user posted image BLANK SPACE - The blank message icon is the default one. It is used for OOC posts. It should not be used to mark IC threads.

user posted image BRONZE KEY - The bronze key message icon should be used to mark IC threads that are between specific, stated individuals.

user posted image BULL'S EYE - The bull's eye icon should be used to mark IC threads that are open to one individual other than the OP. Threads marked with this icon should preferably be marked open in the subject: i.e. {Open}. Once this thread has any replies, it should be considered closed to new entries by other players.

user posted image TREASURE MAP - The treasure map message icon should be used to mark IC threads that are open to two individuals other than the OP. Threads marked with this icon should preferably be marked open in the subject: i.e. {Open}. Once this thread has replies from two people, it should be considered closed. If marked {OP/Player, Open}, this thread is open to one other person plus that specified player.

user posted image TREASURE CHEST - The treasure chest message icon should be used to mark IC threads that are open to any number of players. Threads marked with this icon can be marked one of a number of ways in the subject for clarity. If marked {Open}, this thread is closed to new entries after ten posts. If marked {Forever Open}, this thread is open to new players and characters indefinitely. Threads can also be marked: [Player, Open]; [Player, Forever Open]; {Player/Player, Open}; {Player/Player/Forever Open}, or etc. to denote their intention.

user posted image PLUM BOOK - The plum book message icon is used to mark lesson threads for weyrlings or other similar groups. In their subjects, they are marked with their intended class: i.e. {Candidates}, {Freedomfighters}, or {Blue}.

user posted image SILVER RING - The silver ring message icon is used to mark hatchings.

user posted image EMERALD EGG - The emerald egg message icon is used to mark a clutching thread.

user posted image SILVER FEATHER - The silver feather message icon is used to mark flights or runs.

user posted image CANDY CANE - The candy cane message icon is used to mark threads related to IC celebrations, namely graduations, gathers, and hatching feasts.

user posted image METEOR - The meteor message icon is used to mark site-wide plots or threads with definite side-wide significance as well as Threadfall-related events.

user posted image LITTLE DUDE - For character applications.

Character Profile Titles
For WIP characters, preface their name with WIP:, and leave their subtitle blank if they do not have an wing or pride. Mods will add that info in. Otherwise fill subtitle as normal.
For characters ready for review, preface their name with REVIEW:

Title = Name, Rider of Color Nameth
Subtitle = Flight and Rank (ie Mayday Wingsecond)or Special Status (Weyrlingmaster, Weyrwoman, etc)

Title = Name, Handler of Color Namesk
Subtitle = Pride and Rank (ie Charlie Priderunner) or Special Status (Wherlingmaster, Alphahandler, etc)

Title = Name, Handler/Rider of Color Nameth/Namesk
Subtitle = Class Weyrling/Wherling (ie Red Class Wherling/Blizzardbaiter Weyrling)

Title = Name, Dragon/Wher/Dual Candidate
Subtitle = Craft and Rank/Weyr of Origin/Hold of Origin/Holdless, whichever background is most applicable

Title = Name, Craft and Rank (ie Journeyman Healer, Master Smith)
Subtitle = Specialty (if applicable), Location (ie Crescent Hold, Western Hold, Dalibor Weyr)

Title = Name, Rank (ie Lady Holder, Headwoman, Weyrbrat)
Subtitle = Location (ie Crescent Hold, Western Hold, Dalibor Weyr, Holdless)

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